8 Ways to Style a T-Shirt

May 07, 2019

Remember when t-shirts were only for sleeping or lounging? Thank goodness that times have changed! The versatility of a tee makes it one of my favorite staple pieces in my closet! 

I went ahead and styled 8 of our tees, 8 different ways in hopes that you might find a new way to style one of your own tees! 


WIDE LEG PANTS--I know not everyone is comfortable in them, but if you are, I love pairing them with a graphic tee! Bonus--these wide leg pants feel like pajama pants ;)
shirt pictured: The Lady on a Mission tee

Denim skirt, graphic tee and sneakers--I love this combo! A denim skirt is a great way to elevate a tee, but the sneakers keep it grounded. 

shirt pictured: The Happy Days tee

CUTOFF DENIM-- This is like my Saturday summer uniform. A graphic tee and cutoffs with sneakers is a perfect outfit for just about anything that might be spontaneously thrown at you for your summer Saturday activities with friends! 

shirt pictured: The Oh My Gosh tee

A blazer with a graphic tee is one of my favorite combos. The blazer adds structure and sophistication to an otherwise simple look. I paired it with flats, but you could elevate it even more by adding heels!

shirt pictured: The All Is Well tee

This is one of my favorite looks. I love anything that's a little unexpected. This high-waisted skirt is a perfect addition to a graphic tee. I added a necklace and a pair of wedges to dress it up a little more!

shirt pictured: The Okay Cool tee

OVERALLS--when it comes to graphic tees and overalls, I'm a little bit more picky. I felt like this tee in particular worked really well since the words are repeated, so there's no question as to what the tee says.  I threw it on with a pair of Birkenstocks. 

shirt pictured: The Black Okay Cool tee

This is probably my favorite look and the most easy for me. High-waisted comfy dad jeans, a pair of my favorite flats and a bandana. I love how much a bandana can add to an outfit. 

shirt pictured: The It's Gonna Be Great tee

I love an oversized cardigan with a graphic tee. It's easy and a perfect all year round. Swap out the white denim for shorts on a warmer day!

 shirt pictured: The Kind Human tee


A few things to keep in mind while styling a graphic tee:

1. I like to always think about what's unexpected and "out there" a little bit. (ie. skirts with sneakers, earrings and jewelry with a graphic tee, etc.)

2. Use bandanas in your hair, around your neck, as a belt or on your bag!

3. Roll your sleeves on your shirt to make it more feminine.

4. Tuck your shirts-- whether it's all the way, or just a front tuck.

5. Don't forget that it's also TOTALLY acceptable to wear your tees with leggings, sweatshirts or cardigans, sneakers, no make up and hair up. That's the beauty of a graphic tee and it's versatility!


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