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October 10, 2019


shirt pictured: Lady On A Mission 

What caught my eye about Kaylan Buteyn first was that she was in grad school as a fine-art painter. There is something about someone who wants to be a student of their craft in the day-and-age of the Internet. I love lifelong learners. 

Buteyn's art is created in a backyard studio--and she shared the journey of that build with her Instagram followers. The fact that she invites her followers and collectors into her story is admirable. 

The community and podcast Artist/Mother was borne out of Buteyn's work and now features the voices of other artist/mothers in the world. The fact that Buteyn uses her voice to give a voice to others makes her art world-shaking. 

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October 09, 2019


shirt pictured: Okay Cool // black 

I first came across Katie Schermbeck when she licensed her work to All Good Things Collective. It was bold, gestural, and confident. I loved how her brushstrokes were centerstage and somehow every piece still had its own soul.

Schermbeck lives and paints in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is part of a burgeoning abstract art scene in the American South. 

Nellie Taft loves go-getters who have a clear view of how they'd like the world to be. Schermbeck is out there busy creating the beauty the world needs.

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October 08, 2019


shirt pictured: All Is Well 

Hayley Kolar popped up on my Instagram Explore page one time with her AMAZING wood cut rainbows. From there, I fell into a rabbit-hole of her art world of happiness. She creates the most cheerful and hopeful pieces of work.

Kolar's work also features negative space and words that uplift, which you know is after Nellie's own heart. She brings work into the world that has a bright lens and a hopeful posture.

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October 07, 2019


shirt pictured: All Is Well 

Oh, Allison James. She's like who I imagine would be cast as a thriving artist living in NYC in a rom-com. She's gazelle tall, she's beautiful, she's got impeccable taste. She loves to paint large works of art.

Her work is graphic, fresh, and sophisticated. It's bright but not childish. I'm convinced she's going to take over the art world. 

James also curates inspiration, playlists, and tells more about herself at her blog James Said, which is a refreshing look into the mind of an artist. 

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September 27, 2019

Day 4: TEE-ing up for fall!

Stripes stripes stripes and more stripes. Nothing more Nellie than red, white and blue! We paired this tee with a wide leg pant and a blazer. Add a bootie to make it even more fall appropriate. I love a good neck bandana/scarf and this one is giving off all the vintage vibes and I’m definitely into it. I hope these few outfits game you ideas to pull your graphic tees into the fall. It can be hard sometimes with these transition seasons to figure out what to wear—that’s why layering is always an easy and practical option! 
shirt pictured: Oh My Gosh 

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September 26, 2019

Day 3: TEE-ing up for fall!

I don’t know about you, but it’s still in the 70’s and 80’s here—so shorts are still being worn. But I’m trying to incorporate fall in any way I can. I always love the shorts/sweatshirt combination so this overalls and oversized, slouchy cardigan combo is one of my faves because it gives the same idea. Don’t be afraid to wear graphic tees underneath your overalls or jumpsuits! We put a pair of vans with it for an even more comfy/sporty/casual vibe.  
shirt pictured: All is Well

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September 25, 2019

Day 2: TEE-ing up for fall!

Leopard print anything and a graphic tee just feels right. Turn your dresses into skirts by throwing a tee over a printed dress (long sleeve or slip dress!) Doing this allows for variety and options in your closet with fewer items.  I love how interesting and dynamic this look is. We paired it with a belt and neutral flats. 

shirt pictured: Use Your Voice  

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September 24, 2019

Day 1: TEE-ing up for fall!

This is a classic "Nellie" outfit. Easy, a little daring, but comfy. Try layering your short sleeve graphic tee over a striped long sleeve. It's an easy way to keep wearing your t-shirts as the colder weather comes. We rolled the t-shirt sleeves to give it a more feminine feel. We added an army vest on top for another layer, a pair of skinny jeans, and some mules. Add a fun statement earring to give the outfit even more interest!
shirt pictured: Okay Cool Tee in Red 

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September 23, 2019

Who ever said you can only wear your T-shirts in the Summer?


Maybe you were like me and you're skeptical about bringing your graphic tees into the fall and winter months. That was me until the last couple years when I decided...FORGET IT I'M DOING IT. T-shirts are waaaay too comfortable to be kept in a box half the year (where my Midwest girls at?!) Sometimes I look at my wardrobe as a challenge. "How many different outfits can I put together with this one piece?" "This is a little out there but I'm gonna make it work." I've always pushed the limits with my wardrobe--what's the fun in something if it's not a challenge? ;) 

Tees are usually known as a summer staple, but I'm allll for bringing them into the fall (and even winter!) LAYER LAYER LAYER.

For my girls that live in the Midwest (or anywhere else where it's not warm all year round!) like me and need some inspiration for transitioning your t-shirts into the fall, stay tuned for the next four days where we’ll be sharing a few different ideas-- just to remind that you can try new things with your tees! (Nellie ones and others!)

This is me telling you do it. Try it. AND HAVE FUN WITH IT. I've said it before and I'll say it again--Don't be afraid to put new outfits together--even if they seem a little quirky and out there. And if you love it, it'll be GREAT. 

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June 21, 2019

Indianapolis City Guide

I've been living in Indianapolis for 4 years and I LOVE it here. As much as I love to visit new cities, this feels like home to me. And I will say, there's more here than what people think! As they say, "There's more than corn in Indiana!" HA 

I went ahead and rounded up a few of my favorite spots and wanted to share them with you in case you ever wanted to make a trip to Indy! (I'd suggest coming sometime besides the winter...haha!)

If you look at Indianapolis on a map, it looks like a big square, which is nice because the main highway (465) makes it super easy to navigate around! Of course there's millions of things to do in downtown Indy, but there's plenty to do in the suburbs, too. Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Noblesville, Zionsville, Broad Ripple--they all have their little treasure places. I'll drop some of my favorite places in the suburbs, but I'm mainly going to focus on downtown Indy!

Where to stay:

The Alexander 

Indy has some really good AirBnb options--the most affordable option would be to stay in Broad Ripple, which is north of downtown about 20 minutes. BUT if you save your pennies and want to stay somewhere special, I'd highly recommend The Alexander hotel downtown. It's got all the boutique, AirBnb feels-- but in a clean hotel form.

 Eat here: 

Blue Beard

Blue Beard- a dreamy patio and delicious farm-to-table food.

Patachou Inc.--so many good restaurants by Patachou--here are a few!

Cafe Patachou

Cafe Patachou- perfect brunch spot that has a few locations all around Indy

Public Greens (I'm wearing the Oh My Gosh tee)

Public Greens- a farm-market inspired restaurant, perfect for lunch. I'm standing right in front of their garden across from the restaurant where they get their produce!

Napolese Pizzeria

Napolese Pizzeria- my favorite pizza in Indy! And my husband and I's favorite date night spot. If you're gluten free, they have the BEST gluten free pizza!

Coffee shops and the like:


Provider- Come for coffee, food or cocktails!

Indie Coffee Roasters

Indie Coffee Roasters- located on the north side of Indy in Carmel, but worth the drive!

Things to do and places to see:

The Monon Trail  

The Monon Trail- The moon is a great FREE way to be outdoors (bike or walk!) and get around town to see all the things. It stretches more than 20 miles (with more on the way) to connect you to the area’s greatest destinations.

Nicey Treat (my sister is wearing the It's Gonna Be Great tee)

Nicey Treat- located in Broad Ripple-- so many fun homemade popsicle choices to choose from--and lots of dairy free options, too! You can grab one and walk along the monon! 


ONATAH- located in Fountain Square, this shop is a favorite. The perfect gift shop with curated goods and lots of plants. 

 Honorable Mentions:

Kindred Boheme- located in Carmel, another adorable shop with vintage goods, plants, home decor and also a hair salon!

The Flower Boys- I'm a little impartial to these guys--cause they're my friends, but they started this cute little flower shop in City Market (also a place to check out that has shops and food spots!) and you can stop by and get fresh blooms!

Grounded Floral Co- The cutest plant store located in downtown Indy. 

Locally Grown Gardens- Part farmers market, part restaurant. 

Newfields (Indianapolis Museum of Art)- $18 for adults, stroll through the beautiful gardens or walk through the eras of art inside. 

Massachusetts Ave- SO many restaurants, bars, shops--one of the main strips in Indianapolis. 




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June 05, 2019

Summer Nails


Summer's almost here! Feel free to take a minute to dance about that, I sure am. I cannot wait! Sunny days in the water, all the cold fruit to munch on and being barefoot every chance I get. I’m giddy about it. All of that also means pedicure season is among us, folks. About three years ago I did a big clean sweep of all my cosmetics, it was a long process to slowly build up a library of new favorite (clean) brands but I did it! So today you get a list of five of my go-to polishes! Peace out chemicals, hello worry free ingredients.

Here's some of our faves:

  1. CAPTION, I love this brand primarily for the colors! They have a big library of colors to choose from too.   
  2. TEN OVER TEN, 8 free nail polishes and solid color choices!
  3. PRITI NYC, I haven’t gotten a chance to try this brand yet but its 10 free and recommended by one of my favorite beauty shops so it made the cut.
  4. JINSOON, easy for a glittering, foolproof mani + pedi!
  5. CÔTE, this is the creme de la creme. One of the cleanest polishes out there and one of the most elegant. The hard part is choosing!

The gals here at Nellie Taft  love to play with color on our nails and we’d love to see what you guys paint on so give us a shout if you add any of these to your polish collection!



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June 04, 2019

Austin City Guide 2019

Hi! Hayley here. I design everything Nellie Taft and recently traveled down to Austin, Texas for a Nellie Taft pop-up with Tom's. I wanted to give you the run-down on everything we did, ate, and saw while we were in town. Austin is kind of spread out, but these spots are mostly walkable or at least a quick $7 Uber away.

Where to Stay:

Okay, here's the deal. Austin has gotten very popular with tourists. That means that hotels have gotten very expensive. We found a great option with a few locations within the city. We stayed at The Guild East 6th Indie. The locations are within apartment buildings, so it's almost like a conglomerate of AirBNB's, but they have a 24 hour concierge that is SUPER helpful. It also felt slightly more "hotel-y" than an AirBNB, which I appreciated. We paid about $150 per night for a 2 bedroom space. WORTH IT.

Eat This:

Hillside Farmacy

Hillside Farmacy - the $5 house punch is the perfect dinner cocktail

El Chilito (I'm wearing Lady on a Mission)

El Chilito - a little taco stand right around the corner from our hotel pick. Make sure you try to puffy taco and the $2 happy hour frozen sangria. You will NOT regret it and you may make more than one trip. ;)

Easy Tiger (Lexi is in Oh My Gosh)

Easy Tiger - a cafe and beergarden with an outdoor hangout on the canal

1886 Bakery & Cafe

The Driskill 1886 Bakery & Cafe - a vibey bakery and cafe in a historic hotel

Don't Miss:

The Blanton and Ellsworth Kelly's Austin

You'll definitely want to spend a few hours at the Blanton at University of Texas-Austin. Make sure you get a ticket to the newly opened Ellsworth Kelly installation "Austin". Admission is $12 for non-members, but you can get in on Thursdays for FREE. 

Take Heart (Lexi in Okay Cool Red)

You can take a 20 minute walk from The Guild East 6th Indie and reach these don't miss spot. Take Heart is located right next door to the super popular and super chic Miranda Bennett Studio...which also happens to be located next door to Hillside Farmacy. Make sure to hit all 3. 

Honorable Mentions:

Barton Springs for a natural spring pool.

S. Congress for an all-around walkable good time.

Broken Spoke for a real-life honky tonk.

Chip and Jo's Magnolia Silos is only 90 minutes away.

Shirts from the Trip:


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May 07, 2019

8 Ways to Style a T-Shirt

Remember when t-shirts were only for sleeping or lounging? Thank goodness that times have changed! The versatility of a tee makes it one of my favorite staple pieces in my closet! 

I went ahead and styled 8 of our tees, 8 different ways in hopes that you might find a new way to style one of your own tees! 


WIDE LEG PANTS--I know not everyone is comfortable in them, but if you are, I love pairing them with a graphic tee! Bonus--these wide leg pants feel like pajama pants ;)
shirt pictured: The Lady on a Mission tee

Denim skirt, graphic tee and sneakers--I love this combo! A denim skirt is a great way to elevate a tee, but the sneakers keep it grounded. 

shirt pictured: The Happy Days tee

CUTOFF DENIM-- This is like my Saturday summer uniform. A graphic tee and cutoffs with sneakers is a perfect outfit for just about anything that might be spontaneously thrown at you for your summer Saturday activities with friends! 

shirt pictured: The Oh My Gosh tee

A blazer with a graphic tee is one of my favorite combos. The blazer adds structure and sophistication to an otherwise simple look. I paired it with flats, but you could elevate it even more by adding heels!

shirt pictured: The All Is Well tee

This is one of my favorite looks. I love anything that's a little unexpected. This high-waisted skirt is a perfect addition to a graphic tee. I added a necklace and a pair of wedges to dress it up a little more!

shirt pictured: The Okay Cool tee

OVERALLS--when it comes to graphic tees and overalls, I'm a little bit more picky. I felt like this tee in particular worked really well since the words are repeated, so there's no question as to what the tee says.  I threw it on with a pair of Birkenstocks. 

shirt pictured: The Black Okay Cool tee

This is probably my favorite look and the most easy for me. High-waisted comfy dad jeans, a pair of my favorite flats and a bandana. I love how much a bandana can add to an outfit. 

shirt pictured: The It's Gonna Be Great tee

I love an oversized cardigan with a graphic tee. It's easy and a perfect all year round. Swap out the white denim for shorts on a warmer day!

 shirt pictured: The Kind Human tee


A few things to keep in mind while styling a graphic tee:

1. I like to always think about what's unexpected and "out there" a little bit. (ie. skirts with sneakers, earrings and jewelry with a graphic tee, etc.)

2. Use bandanas in your hair, around your neck, as a belt or on your bag!

3. Roll your sleeves on your shirt to make it more feminine.

4. Tuck your shirts-- whether it's all the way, or just a front tuck.

5. Don't forget that it's also TOTALLY acceptable to wear your tees with leggings, sweatshirts or cardigans, sneakers, no make up and hair up. That's the beauty of a graphic tee and it's versatility!


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February 26, 2019

That's Interesting Dispatch 1

Just today, I really got sick of winter. I wanted to run out in JUST leggings and a crewneck sweatshirt, and instead had to grab my bulky coat. The ONLY redeeming quality of that coat is the giganto pockets that hold my wallet, my phone, legal pads for my lists...everything!

I did some quick calendar calculus in my head and realized that it is almost March, which means that we should start to have a few days pop through where the ground smells alive and the sun's rays warm our faces. We definitely have a full month left of Winter-ish, but we're headed in the right direction.

Winters in the midwest (and indeed in my life) are strange. Most of them are brutal. But, each year is brutal in a way all its own. Some winters are lip-quakingly cold where your tears freeze in your eyes. That's obviously brutal. 

However, some winters are brutally long. They're not so acutely awful as chronically awful. Those are the winters that no amount of cozy-making can mitigate. Eventually, everyone tires of wet, gray days snuggled inside.

BUT, here we are. We are in winter-ish, the upswing of the season. It will start warming up--however shyly--here soon. 


Here are some of my favorite things right now.


 Maggie Rogers, particularly On + Off and Light On -- Maggie's music is the perfect "home alone" kind of music. You can sing out loud to it, it's got a vibe, it's kind of dance-y in a weird way. It's pretty much perfect for those nights when you've got the place to yourself, some take-out, and you need to clean up before you plop down for your night of Netflix.

 Heather Day is a low-key art superstar. She creates abstract paintings "informed by sensory interpretations bridging the thoughts between what is known and how it is felt". She's collaborated with Google, Facebook, Madewell, and Uber.  And, her work can be found in the collections of Facebook, JCREW, The Ritz-Carlton, AirBNB, Snapchat, Dropbox, Warner Brothers, YouTube and The Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra.


 There's this fun new podcast called 10 Things to Tell You. The host Laura Tremaine has long been one of my fave people on the Internet. She's smart, she's well-read, she lives in LA with her fam, and she's always got something new she's curious about. Her insta-stories are some of my favorites, too, but I can't quite put my finger on why. Go watch and listen and let me know what you think!

Next time I write this column, maybe it will be spring-ish instead of winter-ish. I'll bring you some more interesting women doing interesting things. Keep your eyes peeled.

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December 06, 2018

One Top. Three Looks.


We are very much in love with one of our newest tops! It’s fun, colorful, and very comfortable. Here are three different ways to style and wear the Natasha Top on an everyday basis!

BRING ON THE OVERALLS. Ok, but seriously. Overalls never really went out of stye and our top is perfect to tuck into them. SO cute. 

This top is 100% cotton with a good amount of stretch. It’s pretty thin so you’ll need to layer. As the temperatures get colder, this bright top is like a ray of sunshine! A vest is a stylish choice that looks perfect with the crazy fun stripes. 

The Natasha Top looks goes great under a cozy cardigan and feels great, too! Wear this to work with some dressier pants or just around the house because it's THAT comfy. 

Three ways to wear one fun top, made in the USA! We love giving you real simple ways to wear our clothes- it's what we are all about! 


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November 09, 2018

How To Look Presentable In A Graphic Tee

This week’s simple style post is about our All Is Well shirt and how to dress it up. We just love how much you all love it and hopefully these tips + tricks will be a game changer for you.

It's no secret that our t-shirts were made for so much more than just being t-shirts. Don't underestimate the power of a graphic tee. Here are two ways to look presentable and put together in this fun, bright top.  

Pair your tee with a blazer or professional looking coat. It is officially chilly season and this is a practical way to look more dressed up and keep warm. Wearing heels will also completely elevate the look. 

Our second look is the definition of simple and that is the very best part-- add some statement piece jewelry. Use a chunkier, flashier necklace and maybe even pair with some earrings. Heels for this outfit, too!

Make sure you completely tuck and cuff for that polished look! (see our last post to read more about this)

Grabbing your favorite graphic tee isn't always the first thought when getting dressed up. However, we are here to tell you it adds the perfect amount of cool to any type of outfit! 


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November 02, 2018

Going For It: Tips For Styling Our Newest Shirt

If you haven't already ordered one of our t-shirts, you should seriously rethink. 

We are big fans of them being worn for everyday life. We believe they have the power to encourage and uplift. They are the perfect statement piece and they're so much more than a lazy day top! 

Today is all about going for it


Here are a couple simple tips for looking stylish in a graphic tee!

First, we have the tuck and roll. 

When you are wearing your favorite graphic tee, think about tucking instead of letting it hang loose. By tucking, the shirt becomes way more flattering and stylish with pants or even a skirt.

In the image above, you can see a complete tuck. This is a tuck made all the way around and it gives the outfit a nice, polished look. 

Rolling the sleeves is the simplest tip of all but it's the perfect finishing touch.

The second type of tuck is called the front tuck. This is done by only tucking the shirt in the front and then tugging on it, allowing it to loosen. It still shows the waistline and is super flattering. Do this for a more relaxed look and fit.

By adding some structure with a jacket for this chilly fall weather, you are 100% ready to go for it!

 Shop the Going For It

t-shirt right here! 


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October 26, 2018

What Your Fall Wardrobe is Missing

It’s Friday and that is definitely something worth celebrating! You know what else is worth celebrating? Clothes that are cute, comfy, affordable, and made in the US of A. 

Here at Nellie Taft we love to brag about how soft our clothes are. But really… this piece is unreal. The Gladie Top is a perfect addition to your wardrobe as the weather gets chillier and today I’m going to give you gals a few different ways to wear it during the fall season.

This one is a no brainer-- a denim jacket. It's the most important thing in my closet that I can’t live without.

Another way to wear this top is with a vest. It is definitely vest season and the black and gray stripes will go with anything! Throw a scarf on and you are good to go.

Lastly, we have a cargo jacket with a pinch waist. Super stylish. Super warm. 

These are just a few ways to wear this top during the cooler season. It’s just what you need under your favorite jacket when you head out and about. Happy Weekend, friends!


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October 19, 2018

The Mona Skirt: Day to Night

Hello hello! It's time for some FRIYAY FUN!

Popping in to tell you all about my very favorite piece we have in the shop right now. DRUM ROLL PLEASE——

It’s The Mona Skirt!

There are many reasons why this skirt is every girls’ dream come true. This piece makes me feel like a million bucks and I’m going to show you all how easy it is for The Mona Skirt to go from a day look to a night look. 

When I’m getting ready for my day, I often ( and by often I mean daily) find myself reaching for the comfy pants. Whether it’s jeans or leggings, it’s rarely a skirt. You know what I’m talking about…those extra soft bottoms that have the perfect amount of stretch.


That’s The Mona Skirt. It’s definitely the softest skirt I’ve ever owned and I just want the world to know that. I feel flat out excited to throw it on. It’s a great length for fall and 100% cotton. 

Here we have our first look.

It's a perfect outfit for work, school, meetings, or anything else you need to tackle throughout the day.

Time for our nighttime look!

I definitely would suggest some jewelry. Jewelry is a game changer and with a patterned piece like The Mona Skirt, it doesn’t take much. Then, just switch up the shoes and throw on a denim jacket. Oh and don't forget your favorite lipstick.

It is truly amazing what a few simple changes can do and that’s all it takes with this skirt. Day to night JUST LIKE THAT.

I hope you all loved these looks as much as I did. Happy Friday!






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February 06, 2018

3 Different Looks With One Ruffled Top

We know you only want hard-working, versatile pieces in your closet. Same with us. We're not into fussy, one-off, wear it with one pair of pants kind of tops. No ma'am.

This morning we set out style our Harper top in three different looks, showing you just how versatile even the ruffliest kind of top can be. 

First off, we have a boho kind of look. This is comfy, arty, casual and perfect for the student or young mom. We put it with our Ava Cardigan--it's been an office favorite this winter.

Next, we wanted to put together a sporty look that you could wear on a date or girl's night. Non-fussy layers make this outfit work, and the baseball cap takes it all down a notch.

And lastly, we wanted to stretch our styling muscles. We wondered if we could make a more romantic, dressy look from this same ruffled top. All you need is a narrow belt, and you can recreate this at home. 

We want to challenge you to make the most looks from the best pieces in your closet. Your clothes should literally work for you. They should be tools that help you feel your best. Let us know if there is anything we can ever do to make getting dressed easier or more fun.

Pieces shown in this post: Harper Top // Ava Cardigan // Ali Dress

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January 17, 2018

How to turn your tunic top into a crop top to wear with high-waisted jeans

Outfit Details:
Eloise Striped Top - sign up to be the first to snag this cutie striped
*If you want more of a summer striped T, try our Lincoln Top
Ava Cardigan - Ava Cardigan in Deep Yellow

We wanted to show you how to change up your simple shirts to give them a different look. It's the perfect solution to adding a "new shirt" to your wardrobe, without actually having to buy a new shirt. It's a win-win! But if you're needing a good stripe shirt, the Eloise Top is a perfect one! *If you want more of a summer striped T, try our Lincoln Top

We love this top because...STRIPES, and who doesn't love stripes?! It's got the perfect amount of flowy and these drop shoulders are just the best and super flattering.

All you need is a hair-tie and a pair of high-waisted jeans! Here's how to make it happen.

1. Gather the shirt into one place right below your belly button, almost like you're making a ponytail with your shirt.

2. Wrap the hair-tie around it and flip up the gathered material "ponytail" underneath the rest of your shirt, hiding the hair-tie. 

And VOILA! A simple way to change up your ever-so-loved favorite shirt!

You can change out the high-waisted jeans for a dress to fancy it up! Hayley is wearing the Nellie Taft Lydia Dress. We love that the Lydia Dress has some cute detailing up top and that it shows with the wide neck of the Eloise Top. It just gives it a little something extra :)  

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