Going For It: Tips For Styling Our Newest Shirt

November 02, 2018

If you haven't already ordered one of our t-shirts, you should seriously rethink. 

We are big fans of them being worn for everyday life. We believe they have the power to encourage and uplift. They are the perfect statement piece and they're so much more than a lazy day top! 

Today is all about going for it


Here are a couple simple tips for looking stylish in a graphic tee!

First, we have the tuck and roll. 

When you are wearing your favorite graphic tee, think about tucking instead of letting it hang loose. By tucking, the shirt becomes way more flattering and stylish with pants or even a skirt.

In the image above, you can see a complete tuck. This is a tuck made all the way around and it gives the outfit a nice, polished look. 

Rolling the sleeves is the simplest tip of all but it's the perfect finishing touch.

The second type of tuck is called the front tuck. This is done by only tucking the shirt in the front and then tugging on it, allowing it to loosen. It still shows the waistline and is super flattering. Do this for a more relaxed look and fit.

By adding some structure with a jacket for this chilly fall weather, you are 100% ready to go for it!

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