Who ever said you can only wear your T-shirts in the Summer?

September 23, 2019


Maybe you were like me and you're skeptical about bringing your graphic tees into the fall and winter months. That was me until the last couple years when I decided...FORGET IT I'M DOING IT. T-shirts are waaaay too comfortable to be kept in a box half the year (where my Midwest girls at?!) Sometimes I look at my wardrobe as a challenge. "How many different outfits can I put together with this one piece?" "This is a little out there but I'm gonna make it work." I've always pushed the limits with my wardrobe--what's the fun in something if it's not a challenge? ;) 

Tees are usually known as a summer staple, but I'm allll for bringing them into the fall (and even winter!) LAYER LAYER LAYER.

For my girls that live in the Midwest (or anywhere else where it's not warm all year round!) like me and need some inspiration for transitioning your t-shirts into the fall, stay tuned for the next four days where we’ll be sharing a few different ideas-- just to remind that you can try new things with your tees! (Nellie ones and others!)

This is me telling you do it. Try it. AND HAVE FUN WITH IT. I've said it before and I'll say it again--Don't be afraid to put new outfits together--even if they seem a little quirky and out there. And if you love it, it'll be GREAT. 

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