The Use Your Voice T-Shirt


What is YOUR soapbox? My husband Mike says he wants to sew and hand-sequin (can you IMAGINE?!) a cape with a sparkly capital J on it. He says I have a strong bent for justice, and it's so obvious that it bothers me when things in the world are NOT RIGHT.

Since I was a little girl, I've known that having a voice mattered. I hated how it felt when I didn't have a voice, and I slowly learned to use my voice well when I finally got the chance.

I want to be the girl who champions you to use YOUR voice. Use your one beautiful voice to sing peace. Use that full-throated voice to shout for change. Use your steady and calm voice to teach. Use your voice for whatever in the world is important to you. But USE IT.

I hope this t-shirt reminds you of how important it is.

  • Army green (to remind you to have command of your voice 😉)
  • 100% cotton and as soft your Dad's vintage t-shirts!
  • These t's are unisex sizing so if you don't want a roomy fit, size down! Our model is the first image is wearing a large and our model in the second image is wearing an XS! 
  • made in the USA!