Nellie Taft

December 06, 2018

One Top. Three Looks.


We are very much in love with one of our newest tops! It’s fun, colorful, and very comfortable. Here are three different ways to style and wear the Natasha Top on an everyday basis!

BRING ON THE OVERALLS. Ok, but seriously. Overalls never really went out of stye and our top is perfect to tuck into them. SO cute. 

This top is 100% cotton with a good amount of stretch. It’s pretty thin so you’ll need to layer. As the temperatures get colder, this bright top is like a ray of sunshine! A vest is a stylish choice that looks perfect with the crazy fun stripes. 

The Natasha Top looks goes great under a cozy cardigan and feels great, too! Wear this to work with some dressier pants or just around the house because it's THAT comfy. 

Three ways to wear one fun top, made in the USA! We love giving you real simple ways to wear our clothes- it's what we are all about! 


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November 09, 2018

How To Look Presentable In A Graphic Tee

This week’s simple style post is about our All Is Well shirt and how to dress it up. We just love how much you all love it and hopefully these tips + tricks will be a game changer for you.

It's no secret that our t-shirts were made for so much more than just being t-shirts. Don't underestimate the power of a graphic tee. Here are two ways to look presentable and put together in this fun, bright top.  

Pair your tee with a blazer or professional looking coat. It is officially chilly season and this is a practical way to look more dressed up and keep warm. Wearing heels will also completely elevate the look. 

Our second look is the definition of simple and that is the very best part-- add some statement piece jewelry. Use a chunkier, flashier necklace and maybe even pair with some earrings. Heels for this outfit, too!

Make sure you completely tuck and cuff for that polished look! (see our last post to read more about this)

Grabbing your favorite graphic tee isn't always the first thought when getting dressed up. However, we are here to tell you it adds the perfect amount of cool to any type of outfit! 


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October 26, 2018

What Your Fall Wardrobe is Missing

It’s Friday and that is definitely something worth celebrating! You know what else is worth celebrating? Clothes that are cute, comfy, affordable, and made in the US of A. 

Here at Nellie Taft we love to brag about how soft our clothes are. But really… this piece is unreal. The Gladie Top is a perfect addition to your wardrobe as the weather gets chillier and today I’m going to give you gals a few different ways to wear it during the fall season.

This one is a no brainer-- a denim jacket. It's the most important thing in my closet that I can’t live without.

Another way to wear this top is with a vest. It is definitely vest season and the black and gray stripes will go with anything! Throw a scarf on and you are good to go.

Lastly, we have a cargo jacket with a pinch waist. Super stylish. Super warm. 

These are just a few ways to wear this top during the cooler season. It’s just what you need under your favorite jacket when you head out and about. Happy Weekend, friends!


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